The Get Started guide present basic selectors which are plenty enough in most cases. However, linne comes with some more sophisticated ones if needed.


Below are the basic selectors available in linne.


#> ℹ CSS selector: #btn
#> ℹ CSS selector: .aClass


You can also use some special operators to broaden or narrow down the selection.

  • %child% - Selects elements where right hand is child of left hand, e.g.: sel_tag('div') %child% sel_class('aClass') selects elements with aClass who are direct children of div tags.
  • %or% - Select left hand or right hand, e.g.: sel_id('myId') %or% sel_class('myClass') will select both the element with the id and elements with the class. Ideal to select and apply changes multiple elements at once.
  • %with% - Left hand selector with right hand selector, e.g.: sel_tag('div') %with% sel_class('aClass') selects a div with a class of aClass. Ideal to narrow down the selection.


sel_id('myId') %or% sel_class('myClass')
#> ℹ CSS selector: #myId,.myClass
sel_tag('div') %with% sel_class('aClass')
#> ℹ CSS selector: div.aClass


You can also use the when_* family of functions to narrow the selection based on the state of the element.


sel_tag("a") # select all a tag
#> ℹ CSS selector: a
sel_tag("a") %>% when_active() # selects a tags that are active
#> ℹ CSS selector: a:active
sel_id("myId") %>% when_hover()
#> ℹ CSS selector: #myId:hover